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Dreaming Your World Into Being – Book

Jon Rasmussen's Book - Dreaming Your World Into BeingOur greatest work is that of dreaming our lives and the world into being before we act; and until now we have only been trusted with an incomplete set of secrets and techniques on how to participate in the process of creation.

Here Jon Rasmussen uncovers all of the secrets and keys to unlocking our greatest freedom, creative power, and joy through his decades of study, discovery, and practical experiences.  He has integrated the most ancient and most modern knowledge and techniques, and has presented them in a concise, easy to understand, practical, and pragmatic guide for making real changes in our lives and in the world. 

Dreaming Your World Into Being offers us both the possibility of quick and graceful solutions to our biggest challenges, as well as the techniques to help make these solutions more probable.

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Book Reviews:

“Dreaming Your World Into Being by Jon Rasmussen is packed with a wealth of spiritual knowledge, experience, and vision.”  – Jo Bowlby, owner of Sybaris Books LTD

“Here, in clear, simple language Jon Rasmussen will remind you of how to consciously dream a vital, healthy world into being. It is an ancient and powerful practice that a part of you already knows how to do. And you don’t even have to close your eyes. Charlie Mitchell, screenwriter

“What an amazing book!! Both provocative and comforting.  An interesting blend.”  – Jodi Riviera, Designer

“Every time I read more of your book, I get so much excitement about life and possibilities, and inspiration, and a jolt of “yes, I CAN!”  Andrea Carter, Singer/Songwriter

“I found reading your book fascinating.. Your love for humanity comes through, it was written with the best interest of the reader in mind, and your generosity of spirit is felt by reading it. I have read books about the forest, I have been in the forest, your book is the forest.” Dr. Irma Favela, Family Practice


Practical Meditations for the Modern Lifestyle – Audio CD/MP3

The seven meditation techniques presented here are very powerful, easy, and practical for the modern lifestyle in that they require little time, no special preparation and can be practiced anywhere at anytime with tremendous results.

The reasons for and benefits of meditating are many.  Meditation will help you to obtain the state of mind and body awareness that will allow you to be centered, calm, relaxed, focused, and in the moment of now.  It will allow you to be aware of what is happening with your body, feelings, and thoughts, even in the most adverse circumstances of life.

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Shamanic Journeys to Empower Your Life – Audio CD/MP3

Shamanic Journeys

The shaman’s journey is a timeless and universal technique that gives us access to the deepest levels of our being. Most of us now have a pretty good understanding of consciously setting clear goals and thinking positively in order to produce the results we want in our lives. We understand how the mind effects the body or how our thoughts create our reality. But few understand the value and necessity of engaging on the subconscious levels in order to obtain extraordinary results in extraordinary ways.

Wounds and unconscious stories in the soul, mind, and body get perpetuated time after time.The Shamanic journeys presented here will allow you to put and end to those cycles. Not only are the wounds healed, and the stories changed, but you are freed and empowered to leap into the greatest story you can imagine, your ideal Destiny, your complete wholeness.

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Let Success Find You – DVD

Jon Rasmussen Let Success Find You DVDThis film reveals a uniquely powerful and simple approach to achieving success.

The included meditation journey helps you to align all levels of your conscious and subconscious mind with your ideal life goals. Once you are fully aligned in this way, the opportunities for success come knocking at your door.

Jon has studied and practiced numerous personal growth and health traditions globally for over 30 years and conducts sessions with individuals, couples, groups, and organizations, where he combines mastery in shamanism, coaching, sociology, and psychology to create deep and lasting results.

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