Practitioners, Programs, Products, and Services that Jon Recommends

These are powerful people, programs, products, and services that clients of mine have created that are great standalone as well as complements to my shamanic work:

  • I’m honored to have worked with and be a colleague of Dr. Tracy Rainwaters who is an extraordinarily gifted shaman, healer, and teacher. I highly recommend a session with Tracy, who covers the San Francisco Bay Area as well as Skype and phone. Check out her website and YouTube videos for a clear and concise description of her powerful work with humans, animals, and land.

Dr Tracy Rainwaters Headshot








  • Ninotchka is a very powerful psychic, medium, healer, and story teller.  She is based in Marin. .











  • I highly recommend the powerful shamanic work and healing jewelry of my long time shaman sister and colleague, Helen, who is based in Malibu, Ca. .











  • For powerful and comprehensive soul, body, mind, and mythic shamanic healing based in the Monterey Bay Area, I highly recommend working with Jenn Edwards.  Jenn is a masterful healer with strong foundation and experience in Psychology, Dance Movement Therapy, and Shamanism. Please explore her website at .

Jenn Edwards










  • I’ve had two of the most insightful and comprehensive healing sessions with Jeniffer Legge using the amazing Body Code 2.0 system.  Jeniffer is based in Sausalito, Ca and does her sessions over the phone equally effectively, and also travels to work with groups all over the world. She has also published a great book. Check out her website and work as a tremendous standalone or complement to the shamanic work. .

Jeniffer Legge













  • Neenah is a powerful healer who I have known and worked with over a number of years.  She has a rich medicine background including the initiation rites from my lineage. Neenah is now based in Portland, Oregon.  I highly recommend seeing her. . 











  • The Ultimate Personal Trainer and Wellbeing Manager, my good friend and shaman brother based in the Los Angeles area  Paul Lubicz










  • Dylan Rumley is a very gifted and comprehensive Hypnotherapist and medicine women based in Palo Alto, CA, and available globally.  She can be reached by email at .

Dylan Rumley










Willka Yachay SchoolsWillka Yachay is and NGO that is supporting the Q’ero villages and people in the best way that I know.  I encourage you to support their projects to give back to all that we have received from them across the Globe.  Here is their website:

Learn More about Comprehensive Shamanic Training and The Four Winds Society:

Healing the Light Body School, The Four Winds Society


The Dynamic Neural Retraining System

The latest health science is focusing on the neuroplasticity of the brain.  The following link is to a program that has worked miracles for several friends and clients with issues related to Lyme Disease, Chemical and Food Sensitivities, Fybromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Pain Syndromes, EMF Sensitivity, Anxiety, and more.  There are live workshops and DVD series.  Click on the following link : .

The most powerful prayer I know, from Yeshua, and brought to us by one of the clearest teachers of our time:

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Audio and DVD Material

  • DVD’s and Books: Gregg Braden, Gregg Braden DVD’s
    “Awaken to Zero Point” and “Walking Between the Worlds”, “Beyond Zero Point”, “The Lost Mode of Prayer”, and “The Isaiah Effect” Book: Serge Kahili-King, “Urban Shaman”, “Awakening the Power of a Modern God”, and “Speaking the Lost Language of God”.
  • Audio Tapes: Abraham-Hicks, any series, see the link to their website in the More Information section. A good free intro tape also available from them.
  • Taped Interview: Robert Anton Wilson, “Robert Anton Wilson Explains Everything – or Old Bob Exposes His Ignorance”
  • Book and Video: Amory Lovins, “Natural Capitalism”




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