Release the past and find your ideal destiny with Individual & Couples Sessions.

Together, through discussion and tracking, we uncover the energetic source of any physical, emotional, or behavioral issue whether existing, predisposed, or genetic. Then with you lying comfortably and just observing, we clear your Luminous Energy Field of these toxic and heavy energies of the past and bring back essential energy/soul parts and power animals that will assist in your journey of full empowerment and freedom. Through dialogue and various techniques such as Thetahealing, we address the mythical, emotional, and literal aspects to completely resolve the issue on all levels of your being. We then bring in the energy and tools to further explore and co-create what you want next in life. Sessions are held in sacred and safe space with the aid of powerful non-physical helpers, forces of nature, and the Source of all-that-is. One session includes one or more of the following processes:

  • Illumination Process - cleanses and tunes chakras, erases the imprints related to the issue in your Luminous Energy Field, boosts your immune system and energy levels, and makes it easier to choose thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that serve you well. The Thetahealing techniques* are often woven into this process; see the description below.

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  • Energy/Entity Extraction – removes crystallized and intrusive energies and “hooks” that cause negative effects, and eliminates affinities for toxic persons and situations.
  • Soul Retrieval – reclaims your power from past wounds/traumas, eliminates contracts that no longer serve you, reclaims the source of your passion and joy.
  • Divination/Destiny Retrieval – helps you to achieve the life of your dreams by tapping into the energy of that future self to inform and guide you now, and reveals obstacles and opportunities along the path.
  • Rebirth Rites – resolves ancestral wounds and brings closure so that you, loved ones, or entire organizations can transition consciously, gracefully, and fully empowered into a new way of being in this life – to be rebirthed and fully claimed by life.
  • Death Rites - Beneficial for hospice and end-of-life situations to prepare for and become familiar with the territory for a fearless and conscious passing into the next life.  Also ensuring that those who have passed, are completely free to move on in a graceful manner.
  • Bands of Power – a shamanic rite of protection for those in healing or other professionsDSC_7229 with high exposure or sensitivity to other’s energies.
  • Kawak Rites – the seers rites enable you to perceive and sense with your luminous body the way the shamans do.
  • Ayni Karpay Rites – installs into each chakra the archetypal energies that help you to maintain right relationship (ayni) with the organizing principles of the Universe
  • Munay-Ki Rites – Including the Bands of Power, Kawak, and Ayni Karpay rites as mentioned above, the remaining six rites of the medicine way are now available to all and once given to you, allow you to transmit them as well. Click The Munay-Ki Rites for more information.


What to Expect in a Session

As part of all sessions, through a process of dialogue, you will also learn many tools to help you to continue the process on your own, and step into the powerful and joyful role of deliberate co-creator of Jon Rasmussen Doing a Couples Sessionyour life experience. The elder shamans say that to fully heal yourself, you must become a healer, that is a person of power and knowledge; and “it’s not enough just to gather information and facts, you’ve got to grow corn with it”… to put it to practical use in your life. It is the goal of these sessions to engage in the greatest act of power and love, to deliberately “grow corn” in our lives.

Thetahealing brings forth more quickly into your life the physical manifestations of the shamanic healing. With your permission, I engage the source of creation from within a theta brainwave state to identify and replace limiting beliefs on all four levels of your awareness: Core Belief (conscious or subconscious, childhood), Genetic (ancestral lineage, DNA), History (past life), and Soul Level (more deeply embedded beliefs) and facilitate any physical changes in your body. It can also be used to activate your DNA for youth and vitality and full human potential, eliminate your greatest fears, and do readings of your health and future events… and much more.


Video About Individual Shaman Sessions

Video About Couples Shaman Sessions



“Jon, I want to thank you with all my heart for all that you have helped me in my healing process. I have not told you how profoundly moving the information and energy has been and continues to be. Whereas before I dreaded what the future held, I now look forward to experiencing so much more because the dream has become more beautiful…Thank you for helping me reawaken that dream.” -Deborah Najman Graduate Student and Artist, Miami, Fl

“Hi Jon – I don’t know, if you remember me, but I took 2 shaman sessions this August at Post Ranch with you. I am so happy to tell you, that my daughter will come with me and join us at Healing the Light Body session in Santa Barbara.  The relationship with my daughter was always very difficult. This was the main issue during my sessions with you. Of course I did a lot of work (therapy, family consultation) on this issue before our meeting. But I am convinced, the final healing started with your help. We have now such a good, respectful and love-filled relation together, it gives me tears, if I think what long way it took us, to come to this point. So thank you so very much, this is so important to me, I can’t describe it.” – Gudrun Obermaier, Munich, Germany


“I have worked with Shaman Jon Rasmussen off and on for the last few years.  Jon is one of the most powerful energy movers I have ever come in contact with.  My background comes from living among Native peoples and spending much time among healers of different sorts.  But Jon has an exceptional gift. Jon goes straight to the source, yet manages somehow to do this in a very safe and nurturing way, always propelling forth the shift necessary for positive change. I always have a session with Jon in times of transition or when I need a little help moving my life into a new and better direction.  Thank you Jon, for being such a powerful vehicle!  I am blessed to have your assistance in my life.” -Solvei McKenna, Solvei Music


“I have wanted to be an actress since I was three years old.  It has been a passion deep within my heart and soul.  But I also had a deep fear to perform.  The fear was so great I would feel as if I was going to die.  I would never know when the panic attack would happen.  I’ve tried to heal this since 1994.  Finally, last February I asked Jon Rasmussen to do a healing on me to heal my fear to perform as an actress.  Since that healing I no longer have panic attacks when acting and I just booked a co-starring role on a new TV show for ABC Family.  Thank you Jon!”  -Shannon Marie Bullock, Actress, Los Angeles, CA


“I can’t even tell you how much your healing has meant to me. It was so instrumental in helping me find my path, and find the courage to walk that path.”  -Allison Waldman, Certified Animal Rehabilitation Therapist, Lake Worth, Fl

“Working with Jon enabled me to create the changes I was looking for in my life. Jon’s dual ability to both map the big picture and connect the pieces to bring it together gave me effective tools for creating the life I desire. With these new tools in my toolbox, I have already enjoyed great results in my health, relationships and finances, and I am very excited for what is still to come.”  -Karen A. Awad, Community Relations Consultant, Aliso Viejo, CA

“My session was life changing. It was the first time that I can without a doubt say that I experienced something that was outside the realm of everyday possibility.”  -L. Garrett, Freelance Writer


“Jon is one powerful dude!” -Barbara Lodge. Los Angeles, CA


“Jon is the brightest healer I have ever seen” - Master Zhang. Fullerton, CA


Sessions Are Done In Person or Over the Phone, Skype, or Google Hangouts

Available for sessions:

  • In person throughout California and occasionally in other states – please subscribe to my monthly newsletter to get notified of my travel schedule and when I’ll be in your area
  • Marina, California – please contact me to schedule a time
  • Anywhere in the world over the phone, skype, or hangouts – remote sessions are just as powerful as in person sessions

Please contact me at to schedule a session.




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